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Top 3 Reasons To Consider a Curbless Shower

When you think of The Hardwood Floor Company, shower design probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But our team is well-versed in all types of luxury vinyl plank and other flooring installation—from kitchen backsplashes to floors, showers, and custom pieces. Whether you’re renovating or designing a new build, you may want to consider the benefits of a curbless shower. 

But what is a curbless shower? And how can it elevate your home’s aesthetics? 

Curbless showers are open-concept—or barrier-free—meaning there’s no lip to step over when you enter the shower. This design feature lends a modern, streamlined feel to any bathroom. They can be completely open, or glass-enclosed, depending on your preference. While curbless showers can take a great deal of planning, they also provide some unique benefits. 

Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

We already know that open concept kitchens and living rooms can make a small space feel bigger. But how do you get the same effect in a bathroom without sacrificing privacy? Start with your shower. By removing the barriers that block in a shower, we can create a seamless feel that makes your bathroom look and feel larger. 

Improve Your Bathroom’s Accessibility

If you don’t think twice about stepping over a walk-in showers 6-inch lip, count yourself lucky. For wheelchairs, small children, the elderly, or those recovering from injuries, that step can feel insurmountable. Eliminating the curb improves your shower’s accessibility, so guests or family members of every age and ability can enjoy a hot shower.  

Make It Your Own

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a curbless shower is the fact that they’re fully customizable. In fact, they have to be customized to your space to ensure proper drainage and a sufficient splash zone. Do you want a luxury spa-like experience? Or do you prefer a clean, modern design? Maybe you’re interested in custom tile work. Whatever your needs, The HFC’s team can incorporate your unique vision into your curbless shower. 

Ready to Build Your Curbless Shower? 

Whether you want to open up your bathroom space, improve accessibility, or create a one-of-a-kind shower experience, The HFC’s team can walk you through the process of building your curbless shower. You can stop by our showroom to get some visual inspiration, or to chat with our team about your design options. Thank you for trusting The HFC with all of your custom tile needs.