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Laminate Flooring

Excellence in Durability

We understand that the cost and maintenance of hardwood floor can feel strenuous. That’s why The Hardwood Floor Company offers low-cost laminate flooring to provide a more durable and scratch resistant option. Our options include Mohawk, Evoke, and Cascade laminates.

Featured Brand – Mohawk

Laminate flooring is a budget friendly way to update your home with a “wood floor look”. The industry has really made strides in making laminate flooring look like real wood. Laminate flooring continues to be the most scratch-resistant flooring available. For this reason, many families with small children or people with large dogs have opted to have laminate floors installed in their homes.

Laminate Flooring

In general, laminate is less expensive than luxury vinyl flooring. It’s important to be aware that most laminate flooring is not waterproof and therefore susceptible to damage in the case of water damage from a leaking dishwasher or refrigerator, etc. There are currently some laminate floors that are being manufactured to be waterproof. We will have a line of waterproof Mohawk laminate flooring available to look at in our showroom before the end of this year.

Manufacturers Displayed in our Showroom