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Deep Clean

Bona Floor Treatments


With decades of experience and knowledge working closely with wood flooring craftsmen, The Hardwood Floor Company now gives you clear solutions for any of your hardwood floor problems. Bona Floor Treatments offer 3 different options for the various needs of the hardwood floor.


Services for all stages of the hardwood floor life cycle

  • Revive: Deep Clean & Scuff Removal
  • Restore: Light Sanding & Recoating
  • Refinish: Full Sanding & New Surface

Revive effectively with little downtime

When regular maintenance isn’t enough to cut through ground-in-dirt on your customers’ hardwood floors, offer them the benefits of a professional cleaning system from the experts in hardwood floor care – the Bona Deep Clean System ®. This innovative deep cleaning system is the safest, quickest and easiest way to remove all the dirt, grime and build-up on hardwood floors. With no need to vacate their home, this system protects their investment and keeps floors looking beautiful.

Restore for a longer floor lifetime

You work hard to ensure your hardwood floors look beautiful, but over time, the finish is slowly removed by the friction of daily foot traffic in the home. If the necessary steps to properly maintain them are not met, eventually, bare wood will be exposed requiring a complete refinish. Every few years floors can be recoated to maintain their protective layer with the Bona Recoat System™. This proven recoat process safely removes contaminants from the floor, rinses the floor clean and refortifies the hardwood floor with a new coat of Bona Traffic® or Bona Traffic HD®. In less than a day you can have a new coat of finish that restores the beauty and prolongs the life of your hardwood floor.

Refinish for total beauty

When a hardwood floor is severely damaged or yellowed, or your customers simply want to change the color and look of their floor, the Bona Refinish System™ is the perfect solution. Using our comprehensive sanding equipment, abrasives and dust containment systems, the floor is sanded down to bare wood and then finished with the look and protection they need. It’s like providing a whole new floor with endless possibilities.