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CRAFT Floors: Quality, Sustainability & Style

As a go-to flooring leader in Bend, Ore., it’s part of our job to pay attention to consumer trends. And no question about it, we are seeing an uptick in consumers choosing a small-batch company for their home remodels. Why this upshift in buying behavior? Control. Specifically, quality control. And a hallmark of great quality control is a high level of attention placed on each order made. One stand-out company amongst the sea of small flooring manufacturers is CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors. Being relatively new to the flooring scene, established in the early 2000s, they do not have “generations” of flooring production behind them. But, they do have a few notable marks of beauty, and we at The Hardwood Floor Company give them high marks for their excellent quality control.


CRAFT’s floors are Greenguard Certified and committed to bringing you a wood floor that has been authentically hand-crafted from the very beginning. Also, every floor starts with a core of Canadian Spruce that is harvested and responsibly managed.

But why Canadian Spruce? These trees thrive in a cold climate with a short grow season, which results in a stronger core than the core of trees grown in warmer climates.

For CRAFT Floors, this means a stronger, more durable core in their products. In addition, this small wood floor manufacture certainly takes no shortcuts when it comes to its wood selection and finishing process. Each plank is hand-textured, hand-sanded and hand-stained, giving you a truly unique floor that looks and feels like a piece of art. 

Most collections are 8-inches wide with the option to have 10-foot long planks, creating a more unified, stunning floor. (See photos.) Each board is hand-finished with a minimum of eight coats of Dura ultra-matte finish, resulting in a natural looking floor that still meets Greenguard Gold standards. The boards are then UV cured, which strengthens the finish, resulting in a beautiful, yet durable engineered hardwood floor. 

Sustainably Milled

Upholding its commitment to a unique, high-quality hardwood, CRAFT is selective when it comes to where it will mill its products, choosing only the best, most sustainable mills. Product offerings range from North American Hickory to American White Oak, Black Walnut and even Reclaimed Heart Pine that uses 100-year-old beams salvaged from historic buildings throughout America.  With so many options, you are sure to fall in love with these floors.

With its modest beginnings, CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors has proven to stand out among other engineered flooring companies because the people behind the product love their floors from the beginning of the process to the end. Visit The Hardwood Floor Company’s showroom and see for yourself the authenticity and beauty of CRAFT.