The LVP Trend

The LVP Trend

The LVP Trend- What is it? Technology is ever-evolving. With each passing year, the world makes leaps and bounds of progress into the future of technology. The flooring industry is no exception to this. A relatively new trend in the industry is Luxury Vinyl Planks...

CRAFT Floors: Quality, Sustainability & Style

CRAFT Floors: Quality, Sustainability & Style

As a go-to flooring leader in Bend, Ore., it’s part of our job to pay attention to consumer trends. And no question about it, we are seeing an uptick in consumers choosing a small-batch company for their home remodels. Why this upshift in buying behavior? Control....

When to Sand & Finish Your Floors

When to Sand & Finish Your Floors

When to Sand & Finish Your Floors At some point in its lifetime, your solid or engineered hardwood floor may be in desperate need of a facelift. When may solely depend on your lifestyle: kids, dogs, busy households. However, just when maybe a little bit of a guessing...

RoomVo: Floor Visualizer

RoomVo: Floor Visualizer

Let’s face it: When you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes, you probably prefer to try on the shoes before buying them. You have to make sure you are in love with the color, fit, and comfort. Not only that but, you have to be positive the shoes will fit your...

Sustainable Northwest Hardwoods

Sustainable Northwest Hardwoods

Sustainable Northwest Hardwoods It’s in the name Sometimes a name says it all, and that is what you get with Sustainable Northwest Hardwoods.   Founded in Portland in 1967, this hardwood flooring manufacturer is well aware that your Central Oregon home is not just a...

Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century

Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century

Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century The literal translation of the Italian words Legno Bastone is “Wood Stick.” But one good look at their product lines, and you can see for yourself why this wood floor manufacturer is so much more than that. Their unique...

The Greenguard Gold Certification

The Greenguard Gold Certification

The Greenguard Gold Certification The world in the year 2020 has never been a more environmentally conscious one. From avid recycling, usage of reusable containers, and cars that drive clean—the world’s view is on helping our beautiful Earth. The Greenguard Gold...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to sand and refinish my wood floors?

A lot depends on the size of the project. You should plan for a full week if we’re sanding and finishing your floors. For most projects, this allows the time needed in order to apply the stain and finish coats, while returning all your furniture to its original location. Some projects take longer if they are larger in size or if you’re installing upgraded finishes like Rubio Monocoat, or wire brushing.

How long will it take to install my new floor?

Installation timelines depend on the size of the project, what sort of prep work you want us to do, and what kind of material we’re installing.

For a 1,000 sq.ft. rectangular-shaped room:
No moving of furniture off work area
No demo of existing flooring
No baseboard removal or reinstallation

➤ Luxury vinyl plank or laminate: 2-3 days
➤ Pre-finished hardwood: 4-5 days

We’ll take care of all the project details so you can walk in and enjoy your new floor. During an onsite visit, your sales professional will provide you with a good idea of what you should expect for your specific project. Bear in mind, construction is all about problem-solving. Sometimes the problems we encounter take a little longer to solve than our initial projection.

How often should I clean my hardwood floors?

Regular cleaning is the #1 way you’ll extend the life of your floors. Dirt breaks down floor finish, destroys the carpet fiber, and scratches luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and laminate. You should clean your floors as often as possible and you’ll maximize their lifespan.

In addition, we offer a deep clean for all hard surface flooring using our Bona Scrubber. The Bona Scrubber is a special machine designed for cleaning the ground-in dirt and debris that can’t be removed with a vacuum or microfiber mop. We recommend doing this once or twice a year depending on how heavy your floor traffic is.

When do I know it’s time to recoat my hardwood floors?

You’ll know it’s time to recoat when you clean the floor and it doesn’t look clean when your cleaning solution dries. BE AWARE OF THIS SITUATION, because if you wait too long, and dark grey areas start appearing in high traffic areas, then only a complete refinish will make your floor look beautiful again. A refinish is substantially more costly and disruptive to your life than a recoat.

If you’re not sure it’s time for a fresh coat of finish, then give us a call! We’ll be happy to come out and evaluate your floor while offering our recommendation.

What’s the biggest difference between having a hardwood floor and a luxury vinyl floor (LVP)?

It’s no secret that LVP is a more affordable option than hardwood floors. Both options have their benefits, and it all depends on your wants and needs. If you’re a business with lots of foot traffic or a Central Oregon family that enjoys inside-outside living, then LVP products like COREtec could be the best option for you. Real hardwood floors cost more and are less durable than LVP, but are considered a luxury. If you appreciate the feel and look of organic surfaces, a hardwood floor or engineered hardwood floor is your best option.

Talk to your sales professional about your budget and your lifestyle. We’ll help guide you toward the best flooring option that fits your needs.

How much will an installation by the Hardwood Floor Company cost?

There is a huge range in what can be spent on a carpet, tile, or hardwood floor project. Key factors to consider are the size or square footage of the job, the type of material, and whether or not you want us to prep your space for installation. We offer free in-home estimates and can give you further pricing guidance in our boutique showroom.

How do I know which floor is the best option for my space?
Our carefully curated design process all starts in the boutique showroom. From there, we’ll get to know you, find out what you’re looking for, and determine what your budget is. Our design team will take the reins and present you with flooring options that best fit your needs.
"I found the employees very friendly and helpful. I mainly worked with Renee and she was very patient with me as I changed my mind three times on what tile to purchase for our home build."

- Wendy Whipple

"We recently completed our new home in Bend (Deschutes River Woods). HFC did the floors (LVT planks and tile), custom bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, and fireplace wall. I highly recommend The Hardwood Floor Company."
- Karlin Conklin

"We had a great experience with The Hardwood Floor Company. The office and field staff are all professional and share a commitment to quality work and excellent customer relations. Thank you for a job well done!."
- Steve Barger


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